Welcome on the journey to take a different view at the world around us. Let's retell some of the stories of what is around us. Let's rethink where to look for beauty. Let's take a view at us from the distance... and discover new universes. Let's reframe our world.

My name is Daniel Franc and I take a view from the air, free of constraints of our everyday perspectives, on landscapes, nature and industrial worlds  I search for beauty, rhythm, strangeness and  gateways to other worlds in a way that is not possible from the ground.

In postproduction after landing my drone, I try to visually amplify the message that I hear from  up there. I never add anything to the images, though, neither I change shapes, patterns or composition. So what you see was really there.

The views from this angle sometimes play a little game with you, which is one of the reasons why  I prefer not to give my photos names. Because what do you think that is the name of what we are looking at? 


Upcoming solo

"Between the Worlds",
Blank Wall Gallery,
Athens, Greece

September 2022


Ongoing and upcoming group exhibitions:

  • Czech Nature Photo, Prague, May-Sept, Czech Republic

  • Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, June, UK

  • Royal Geographical Society, London, June-Sept, UK

  • indoor exhibition at Dalby Forest, Sept 2022-Jan 2023 North Yorkshire, UK

  • Outdoor exhibition at Haldon Forest, Oct 2022-Jan 2023, Devon, UK

  • Outdoor exhibition at Fineshade Wood, Nov 2022-Mar 2023, UK

  • Indoor exhibition at Grizedale Forest, Dec 2022- April 2023, Lake District, UK