I am Daniel Franc and I create fine art photos of mostly abstract or minimalistic landscapes, nature and industrial worlds from images taken by a drone. They reveal beauty, rhythm, strangeness and gates to other worlds which are not visible from our perspective.

The images are here for you to peek at, or I can produce them for you as fine art print on canvas or other media.


I make aerial images partly for pleasure, partly out of curiosity and partly for draining creative overload.  I exhibit around the world and according to  Czech Nature Photo  and several international competitions where I scored, people seem to enjoy this world. 


Happy flying around - and get in touch.

The architects designed large areas in our new house suitable for landscape imagery. For several years, we had been looking for a panoramic work we'd like, but only now we came across the work of Daniel Franc and we loved it. 

Daniel prepared the visualisations for the architects, adjusted the image and we were excited to give the project a green light. We are happy that Daniel was not deterred by the specifics of the requirements and the large format of 115 by 40 inches... He is doing all this with his heart, as he should be. An old school approach in its best. 

The result is fabulous - judge for yourself!

Lukáš Mikula and family, Pozořice by Brno, Czech Republic
a tailor made project from August 2021