Fine art aerial photography fascinates me as a way to find beauty (sometimes the unexpected, sometimes the weird) in places that look often quite uninspirational from the ground. 

A story of a landscape often needs only a little to be told and sometimes you need to discover it yourself. I prefer the less-defined, more open-minded interpretations of what's seen... and hidden. Therefore, minimalism or abstraction are my favorite way of looking from the above. I love working with colors, but I’ve also found unexpected perspectives when using limited color palettes. 


I don't really see myself as a typical landscape photographer and I don't aspire towards documentary realism. I strive to find elements, feelings rhytms in nature that are otherwise hidden. I process some of my photos towards bringing these secrets out, but for me, the "source" is always crucial. So I never add additional elements to the photo, either from the same scene or a totally different image. 

Work wise I’ve been connecting fields far away from each other my whole life, creating bridges among people globally, discovering amazing things in the cracks among the worlds and choosing views different from the ground. 

And if exhibitions and awards are important to complement this picture, you can see a list here :)

My community and management consulting practice: