Prices are valid until Dec 31 2021.
They are incl. VAT.

The price list is valid only for canvas prints. Please contact me for metal and acrylic printing prices. 

Ceník tisků na plátna:


Shipping and packing is not included in the price. We also deliver outside the Czech Republic and the EU and let's discuss the options here.  


The final size of the photo image will depend on your requested shorter or longer desired side. The aspect ratio is not to be changed for most photos (i.e. it is usually not possible to crop it).  ​

Are there dimensions other than those listed here? It's possible, depending on the specific image and the dimensions you require. I'll determine the price based on the prize of the nearest similar size.


Larger or smaller dimensions than listed here? I offer smaller dimensions than those listed here only in exceptional cases as they do not really suit my visual style. Larger sizes are possible, but not for all photos, and some are better to be printed in smaller sizes. For a part of my portfolio, we can even print in the maximum size, which is 2.90m (9.5ft) on the longer side, 1.50m (3.2ft) on the shorter side. Prices for sizes larger than listed here will be discussed individually. 

Varnishing and frame will be delivered only in case of your interest. I will recommend a solution, however, the final choice will be up to you. The price of the frame is approximate and about an average, it can be slightly lower or higher depending on the variant you choose. The inner frame of the canvas is already included in the price. The price of the frame also includes creative work with its selection.  

Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal or cash, against an invoice or tax document. We will agree on the specific form of payment together.  

All photo images are in an open series, so they are not limited editions.

Guarantee. During the prep process I will work closely with you so that the final work really matches your wishes. If it still happens that it does not suit you, it is possible to return undamaged within a week of delivery with full repayment of the price.