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My photographs, in terms of what they mean to me, fall into three main categories: 1) Inner worlds - depicting outer images as a way of mapping the inner world (mine... but other people often can find themselves there as well) 2) The cracks between worlds - revealing the hidden, the unexpected and the undiscovered, challenging the labels "ugly", "beautiful"... ; 3) Outer worlds - connecting with the landscape through more traditional landscape photography, but using new perspectives and views .

Inner worlds

My exploration of external images serves as a way to map my (and others) internal universe. I discovered this during my photography journey, wondering why I took or processed certain images in a certain way or why some of my images really clicked with me. I realized I was actually taking photos of my own inner universe!  This realization led me to explore these inner worlds more consciously. Over time, I found that my photos also help others with their internal explorations and I enjoy connecting with people through our shared understanding of these internal landscapes.

Between the worlds

The second aspect of my photography focuses on the hidden, unexpected, and undiscovered. I am often drawn to things outside the common perspective, where otherwise ordinary worlds connect or collide, creating cracks. These "cracks" challenge our default labels, meanings and categories, providing a sense of liberation from them. They often go beyond the semantic limitations and of what we call good/bad, nice/ugly, interesting/boring. Of what we think that things are or should be .. which they may be not.   These “edges”, these “cracks” are everywhere around us. By looking inside of them I also uncover patterns, shapes, and color schemes that may remain hidden if we took a standard “human” look.

Outer worlds

My photography also serves as a way to connect with the outdoors and capture my travel experiences. I enjoy sharing new perspectives and vistas with others. As a former outdoor industry professional and outdoor enthusiast, I find that photography enhances my connection to the natural world rather than disconnecting me from it. So this third part of what I do is a more traditional landscape photography - capturing the beauty of the sights and locations around the world, perhaps in a way that may be different from what you saw before.

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