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2nd place and 6 honorable mentions in ND Awards 2021

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Today I received the amazing news that my photo from the South Moravian fields has won second place in one of the world's major photography competitions, the ND Awards, in the drone photo category, plus I got 6 honorable mentions for other work.

The rolling South Moravian landscape, very popular among photographers, is quite difficult to photograph from above, but when you get to the right spot it's literally top. I found this place between Bílovice and Čejkovice by chance, because it is not one of the famous South Moravian photo locations, on my way home from an otherwise not very successful few days of shooting. However, the light was not good anymore and it started to rain with snow, so I quickly packed it up. But I didn't give up and in a couple of weeks I went straight to this place again. However, on the couple hour drive from Prague I was already feeling sick and it escalated pretty quickly, so when I arrived at the place I had a fever and was shivering with chills. But I so wanted to do the photo.. and the light was awesome.. so I spent about an hour there. The acute streptococcal infection hit me perfectly that night, so I don't even know how I got back to Prague after that (and then took 3 weeks on antibiotics).

I spent a lot of time with this photo afterwards, literally sailing on its waves, as it contains several almost optical illusions, while at the same time the colors of the South Moravian spring are difficult to interpret, let alone if you want to capture their soul. In fact, I have considered it a work in progress and had completely forgotten that I sent it in for the contest.

I don't normally want to give names to the photos, I feel like that's meddling too much with what everyone wants to see in it. For the competition, I had to, so it's named "Sailing the hilly waves". All right then, it seems to be ready so it's time to make it available on the web now and to everyone. I'm glad we can finally take more people on this sail.

(Print available)


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