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Category winner in Royal Geographic Society competition, Group Exhibition in UK

It is a great honour and pleasure for me that my photo of the undulating fields between Bílovice and Čejkovice from last spring won the first prize in the international Earth Photo competition, organised by the Royal Geographic Society and Forestry England, in the Places on Earth category, on 14th July in London. The photo, along with some others of mine, is now on display at the Royal Geographic Hall in London and will then travel to exhibitions around the UK until the summer of 2023.

And since you've seen the winning photo (the first one) here before, I'm including a couple more - with two first shown! - from the same location. The browner ones are from about a month earlier when I first noticed this place, but the light conditions weren't good, so I returned there from Prague a month later when everything was greener, and made the winning shot was successful.

The awards were announced at a ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society, which also featured an exhibition of the winning photographs, which will tour the UK until summer 2023. My London photographer friend Nadia Stank was at the event and exhibition and made a little video of it :)

And the announcement is here, my category starts on 11th minute:


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