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I perceive my work as open windows to the outer lands ... but also our inner worlds. That's why I don't even give the photos any names: if you choose a photo, it triggers some very own emotions and resonances of you I don't want to step into this at all. But I will be happy to help get this portal to different worlds and to your interiors. 


1. Print on canvas

Unlike printing on paper, canvas often beautifully supports the "home environment" in apartments, or "warms" non-residential spaces. They also often have a stronger feel of a painting than other media. The canvas can be additionaly framed in a visible frame and also applied with varnish for color enhancement, gloss and better maintenance and durability. Compared to other printing methods, the canvas also has the advantage that it is possible to choose really large dimensions for selected prints, up to 3x1m. 


The canvas is stretched around the entire surface of the 21 mm high wooden frame, ie the frame is not visible. The canvas, which is not exposed to direct sunlight, should last a permanent color of 100 years, the manufacturer states up to 300. If it's on direct UV light , at least 40 years. The lifespan can be significantly extended up to the maximum limits when using varnish. 


How will we work together?

I will be at your disposal with my expertise and knowledge of my paintings throughout the process. I may still tailor the selected painting to you so that you can sit with you exactly as you expect - or maybe even surprise you, but only in a good way. This form of work and added value sets me apart from some online fast manufacturers of soul-less prefabricated photos, but for me, it is essential that you get what you expect from the image. It works - as I have confirmed that with the owners of the work delivered so far (for example as here).



You write to me

You choose one or more picture(s) that interests you, think of at least an approximate size, the print medium and send me all this in a message . All you need is a short e-mail with the URL link of the image, in which you will briefly describe the intention where you want to place it - ideally with a photo of the room in the widest possible view. Optionally, you can also share the reason why you chose this, or, if it is a gift, then for whom do you want it and why. If you already know other parameters, add any specific wishes regarding the design of the work. Contact me!


We will fine-tune the assignment

I will contact you within two working days and we'll  agree on the final dimension, whether to use the varnish and frame and what type and other parameters. In some cases, I can still adjust the image for you during this period, ie for some specific light and interior situations, I can work with photo color and other visual parameters so that it suits you exactly. I will also send the first price proposal, which may still change a little in the next steps. 


We will confirm the final delivery and price

Once we have confirmed all the parameters together, I will sometimes print out several test versions. Sometimes at this stage I decide that I will want to confirm something from you in the visual, and then we will either meet in Prague or I send the test preview to you. Sometimes this step can lead to further adjustments and a bit of creative work together. At the end, we will agree on the final form of the photo and price.


We will agree on delivery

If the tests or fine-tuning turn out well, we will arrange a personal delivery or shipping.


You send the payment, I send the work.

You transfer the money to my account or Paypal, I will send or hand over the work.


... all with the money back guarantee. 

We will do all this to make sure the image fits your needs well. If it still happens that it does not suit you, it is possible to return it undamaged within a week of delivery with full payment of the price.

Do you print on other media?

I do not yet print on other media, especially on on paper or on various variants of foam boards. These media can't communicate the mood and feeling with which I created the photos, and in the end you wouldn't enjoy it either.

Said that, do let me know if you're really really interested in a paper print and then we'll talk :)

How long does it take and what about delivery?

If everything goes smoothely, then you can expect 10 working days from our first contact to our shipping of the canves. In the case of tuning and adjustments needed, it will be about 2-3 weeks. We will know this during the first week. 


The paintings can be handed over in person in Prague or by mail internationally. Outside Europe, it is necessary to arrange for a special transport for works where the longest side exceeds 100 cm / 39 inches and let's discuss the options.

Canvas: frame and extra cover paint?

To enhance the colors, but also as protection against abrasion or for easy maintenance against dust, the canvases can be covered with a thin transparent paint. The paint can be used in various gloss variants and together we will agree on the ideal variant.  


For some interiors or moods that the photo is supposed to bring out, and often for office spaces, the placement of the canvas to an external frame can work nicely. I use the highest standard of Nielsen frames, of which there is a really wide selection. Therefore, if you are interested in the frame, I will propose some specific options to you and then fine-tune together with you.

In the photos here you can see a comparison of unframed image without the cover paint (on the wall) with the framed and painted.(the selected frame for your photo image can be different - wood or metal, wide or thin, round or square, colors of this or that ... it's only the unicorns that Nielsen can't make there yet)

Standardní systém
Standardní systém

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Šroubový systém
Šroubový systém

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Profilový systém
Profilový systém

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Standardní systém
Standardní systém

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Desky: Možné závěsné systémy

Profilový: Předem namontovaný profilový závěsný systém vytvoří přibližně 1 cm odstup od stěny. Tím získá fotoobraz tzv. "vznášející se vzhled".

Standardní: umožňuje snadné a nekomplikované zavěšení Vašich fotoobrazů, protože jej stačí pouze nalepit.

Šroubový: na obrazu jsou již připraveny předvrtané otvory, takže stačí pouze připevnit šrouby.

Desky: Rámy se stínovou štěrbinou

Pro tisky na kovové a akrylátové desky je možné navíc ještě zarámovat do tohoto typu rámu (bílého nebo černého), který nechá menší prostor mezi obrazem a rámem. Výsledkem je dojem plovoucího obrazu. 

Černý stínový rám
Černý stínový rám

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Bílý stínový rám
Bílý stínový rám

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Černý stínový rám
Černý stínový rám

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