These photos show former giant Soviet military base in Milovice near Prague that housed the command of the occupying Soviet Central Army Group, including a military airfield, a tank base and thousands of Russian soldiers. After Czechoslovakia broke free from Soviet influence, they all left in 1991. Within a couple of decades, even stronger elements of nature and time then completely conquered the seemingly invincible empire from the east and claimed the ultimate victory.

In these photos taken in March 2020, I originally wanted to capture the darkness of the occupation period, and at the same time, the fragility of human convictions about our strength. But today, in March 2022, I also see a new hope in them. The faith that this time as well, a seemingly invincible russian military force will face defeat against the even more powerful energies of the world.

I am now releasing the series digitally in full resolution "without copyright" even for commercial purposes under the CC BY licence