Daniel Franc

Fine art aerial photography fascinates me as a way to find beauty (sometimes the unexpected, sometimes the weird) in places that look often quite uninspirational from the ground. 

A story of a landscape often needs only a little to be told and sometimes you need to discover it yourself. I prefer the less-defined, more open-minded interpretations of what's seen... and hidden. Therefore, minimalism or abstraction are my favorite way of looking from the above. I love working with colors, but I’ve also found unexpected perspectives when using limited color palettes. 


I don't really see myself as a typical landscape photographer and I don't aspire towards documentary realism. I strive to find elements, feelings rhytms in nature that are otherwise hidden. I process some of my photos towards bringing these secrets out, but for me, the "source" is always crucial. So I never add additional elements to the photo, either from the same scene or a totally different image, neither I change composition or color hues.

I am grateful with the interest of gallerists at exhibitions and juries at competitions all over the world as a way to allow more people to fly over my (non)landscapes. At the same time, I keep my feet on the ground: what resonates most with each of us is still the most valuable. (More about my take on photo awards here )

Solo exhibitions

  • "Between the Worlds",Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece September 2022

  • "S Nadhledem", Třeboň, 2019

Group exhibitions


  • Czech Nature Photo,  Prague, May-Sept, Czech Republic

  • Glasgow Gallery of Photography,  Glasgow, June, UK

  • Royal Geographical Society,  London, June-Sept, UK

  • indoor exhibition at Dalby Forest,  Sept 2022-Jan 2023 North Yorkshire, UK

  • Outdoor exhibition at Haldon Forest,  Oct 2022-Jan 2023, Devon, UK

  • Outdoor exhibition at Fineshade Wood,  Nov 2022-Mar 2023, UK

  • Indoor exhibition at Grizedale Forest,  Dec 2022- April 2023, Lake District, UK

  • " Silence ", Budapest, Hungary, April 

  • " Quiet Landscape" , Vermont, USA, April 

  • Chania Int'l Photo Festival,  Crete, Greece, June 

  • "Of the Earth ", Online, April

  • "Keep it Green" , Los Angeles., USA, April

  • " Purely Abstract ", California, USA, June 

  • "Czech Nature Photo" , Czech Republic, Prague and elsewhere

  • " Color ", Vermont, USA, August

  • " Contrasts ", Rome, Italy, August

  • "Abandoned", Los Angeles, USA, September

  • " Van Gogh Photo Award ", Utrecht, Holland, September

Placement in competitions

Honorable mentions and nominations


Books (photo illustration)

  • Face of the Czech landscape in space and time , 2021

Catalogs (selection)

  • 35Wards Top 100 Photographers

  • BNW Minimalist Photography Prize Annual Book, 2020

  • Minimalist Photography 2021 Annual Book

  • Czech Nature Photo

  • Edge of Humanity , July 2021

  • Diary , November 2021