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All photos can be ordered as a print (on paper, acrylic glass or canvas) in a variety of sizes and possibly also framed (read more about our printing here). Some photos are in a limited number of limited editions, others are in an unlimited, open series (see all photos in the Gallery). The print can be ordered from the photo detail page, or here, or simply contact me. Delivery time is appx. 3 weeks within Europe, 5 weeks globally.  


Thank you! I'll be in touch within 2 business days.


(incl. VAT and postage over Europe. Non-European postage cost may be adjusted. The prices apply only to open series photoes, the limited edition photos have different prices, listed with each limited edition photo)

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I print photo paintings on three main media: giclée print on archival paper,  acrylic glass and canvas (glass and canvas are only available in open series).




In the case of printing on paper in the limited edition I deliver without a frame, for open editions you can also choose framing. Canvas has its own invisible internal framing, but it is also possible to frame externally. Glass can be framed in a slotted frame.



For selected photos, glass and canvas can be printed up to a page length of 1.5m, some photos can be printed in larger sizes on canvas. We print up to A0 size, in special cases even larger. 


Print on archival paper

We print using the giclée method on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag archival paper with a fine texture, on which the colors and details stand out wonderfully and at the same time give the impression of a painting. 

The print must also be framed under glass. I will be happy to give advice on what framing would suit your picture best, or where to have it framed. For selected photos, I also offer framing in a pre-selected frame configuration and mount.

We print on multiple papers, but most images get along best with Photo Rag by Hahnemuhle, which manufactures one of the most popular papers in the world and prized for all-purpose high-quality FineArt inkjet printing. It is a cotton art paper with a typical delightfully soft feel, boasting a slightly defined texture that gives each piece a three-dimensional appearance and impressive visual depth. Combined with a matte premium ink coating, this paper produces outstanding prints that are characterized by brilliant colors, deep blacks, strong contrasts and perfect reproduction of detail. This classic acid- and lignin-free paper meets the most demanding requirements for resistance to aging and is specially designed for fine art or fine photography.

Due to its sensitivity, the paper must be placed under glass for display, ideally with a mount and therefore also a frame. I supply it only for selected photos, but I will be happy to advise on the selection for each one. 

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Paper prints

Print on acrylic glass

Direct printing on acrylic glass intensively brings out the colors with which my worlds abound. Compared to the canvas, which calmly and peacefully brings colors into the space, the glass shines them into your face every time you look at them. When illuminated, it creates an almost 3D effect. Acrylic glass looks modern and the glass surface is a distinctive element in the room.

I recommend framing in a white or black slit frame (there is about a 1 cm gap between the glass and the frame, creating an interesting visual effect). 

The photo is printed with 7 color UV printing (instead of the classic 4 colors) with colors from the back directly on 2 mm thick glass and then backed with a 3 mm aluminum plate. Unlike many other "acryllic glass prints" that print on paper and then cover it by glass, we print directly on glass. To highlight the colors and details, we print on glossy glass, but it is also possible to request a matte finish. The board is washable and weather resistant.

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Print on photographic canvas

In many cases, canvas will most support the "home atmosphere" in homes, or "warms up" non-residential spaces. On one hand, the colors calm down a little, but at the same time they give the impression of a painting, and with some motifs, your guests will ask you who painted it. The canvas can also be visibly framed and painted to enhance the colors, shine and better maintenance and durability.

Each canvas is delivered already stretched on the inner frame and with a hanging system. We print in sizes A3 to A0, in selected cases it is also possible to order a larger size, up to a size of 3x1m (such as here). 

The canvas is stretched around the entire surface of the 21 mm high wooden frame, so the frame is not visible. A canvas that is not exposed to direct sunlight should last 100 years, the manufacturer states up to 300 years. If there's UV light on it, it will still last at least for 40 years.

To enhance the colors, but also as protection against abrasion, to extend the life or for easy maintenance against dust, the canvas can be covered with an thin coating. 


For some interiors or moods that the picture is supposed to evoke, and often for office spaces, placing the canvas in a frame is also visually effective. In that case, I use the highest standard of Nielsen frames in a slim, angular black design. 


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