The "Invisible Worlds" Gallery Book

There are whole universes around us which we see but which are invisible to us. Yet, when we expand our perspective and take a look from the above, free from our ideas about how things are and where to look for beauty, we discover new worlds right under our feet.  Let me take you on a playful, surprising and visually rich journey with my drone above landscapes, rivers, forests, seas and even industrial areas of several countries. This journey was presented on an exhibition “Invisible worlds” in Athens, 2022 and the images are now also available for you in this gallery-grade highest quality photo book. 

Less a book, more a personal gallery: The book, available in two dimensions (with the large one shown here), is printed on a glossy color-rich archival paper with the same print technology used for gallery exhibitions. This, together with my sole focus on the images undisturbed with any text around them, makes it look like no standard photo book. This colorful and shiny journey will pull you quickly into the strangely beautiful wonders of the world as seen only by the aerial perspectives...

50 pages

 50 pages, 36 photos with several panoramic ones. The book also includes 5 pages with stories and locations related to every photo. 

Regular or Large

Available in a regular size 20x30cm (20x60cm when open) or in a large size 40x30 cm (80x30 when open). The large version also comes with a hand made faux leather black gift/storage box. 

Acrylic Glass Cover

The book cover is created by a special print directly on a 0.5cm thick acrylic glass. When being lit, it shines and creates almost a 3D effect. 

Gallery print

Printed on Fuji Gloss Professional Paper, C-type process - the best combination to bring out the colors and contrast in the maximum possible extent, in a contrast-rich, shiny way.   

Regular Size

The 20x30cm version of the book is the easiest way to explore the beautifully unusual worlds from the aerial perspective. With the size of about a 13 inch laptop, it fits any library, desk or backpack. Because of the quality of the paper and the print, it surprises by how strong the message the photos actually deliver, especially when you open it up to the 20x60 dimensions.

Price: 150 EUR, incl. VAT, excl. shipping


Large Size incl. Storage Box

The 40x30cm version is the largest possible format of the book. It’s literally a folded gallery, as the size of the prints and the paper/print quality is the same that's used on exhibitions.  It’s bold, it’s strong, it’s really an immersive trip to all the worlds in the book.  With this size (and when the book is open, it’s 80x30 cm wide!), the colors and images will totally fill your horizon and you may feel like really flying over... This large version of the book also comes with a hand made black faux leather storage/gift box. 

Price: 350 EUR, incl. VAT, excl. shipping 

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Screenshot 2022-09-06 170351_google-pixel5-justblack-portrait.png


While I want you to play with the photos in your mind, give them your names and create your own meanings, the locations and stories add another dimension to your experience. So as not to disturb the visuals, there’s an online companion available so that you can scroll through the descriptions on your mobile phone while browsing the book.


These descriptions and stories are also printed on the end of the book.

An Online Companion