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The largest canvas print so far - 3 meters!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Well, my biggest printed canvas :) For the Mikula family from Pozořice near Brno, at their request, I modified the picture of the road from Křivoklátsko into an ultra-wide framed canvas. At the same time, the image had to be processed with various spells so that it was at a resolution that allows printing 3x1 meter (9.8 ft x 3.2 ft) . There was a lot of work and fine-tuning involved and I spent several days creating the image in full swing, testing the color and resolution in several iterations with my printing partner Tomas. It wasn't until the fourth version that I was happy with, so the work took longer than what I expected - but this is not something you want to rush.

Another challenge was stretching the canvas, where you can no longer work with the classic wooden frame layout, but need to incorporate several internal partitions, and every millimetre off will show up in an uneven balance. At the same time, this size is already sensitive to uneven walls, which we ended up having to address with the Mikulas as well.

In the end, after some final tweaking, we ended up putting the final version on the frame on-site with the Mikuls. But it was worth it! As Lukas testimonies:

"The architects designed large areas in our new house suitable for landscape imagery. For several years, we had been looking for a panoramic work we'd like, but only now we came across the work of Daniel Franc and we loved it.

Daniel prepared the visualisations for the architects, adjusted the image and we were excited to give the project a green light. We are happy that Daniel was not deterred by the specifics of the requirements and the large format of 115 by 40 inches... He is doing all this with his heart, as he should be. An old school approach in its best.

The result is fabulous - judge for yourself!"

And a few "making of" shots:


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